Emthelo helps medium size companies to reduce their costs and increase the efficiency of their supply chain.



Emthelo supports supply chains in

• Supply chain creation
• Supply chain management
• Crisis management

"My clients are very often surprised that other players within their portfolio of suppliers are better placed to meet their requirements. Communication with suppliers goes a long way in creating value" - Greg, Professional Services expert

“make or buy” decision
In collaboration with you, we can review the maturity of a particular service and its ability to be outsourced. Together we can define the scope of the service to be outsourced, expected outcomes and potential benefits to your organisation.

Emthelo does not focus on payroll but we investigate all other areas of spend to enhance your organisation.

We will help your organisation through the difficult process of consulting the market and selecting the third party who will most benefit your organisation.

This is where we can generate the most benefit for your outsourcing program. With dynamic management and clear measurement of performance, Emthelo can help you deliver continuous improvement and close alignment with your evolving business requirements. We use proven Category Management tools allowing us to “open the black box”.

Your operation team is near breaking point with your outsourced services, and you are struggling to get a clear explanation of what is going on. We can provide you with a swift, accurate assessment of the situation and articulate clearly the strengths and flaws of the current set up. Most importantly, we can provide you with a clear, easily implemented action plan to fix the situation.

Emthelo has a proven track record in large contract outsourcing and particularly in procurement outsourcing.

“Outsourcing is above all a question of knowing what the other party is good at. From there you just need to make sure they are getting excited about delivering to you”

- Jean Christophe, Print expert

"Our job is not to reduce prices but to help our partners to find ways to create more value. Win/win is not a dream, it's the only way to create sustainable benefits" - Olivier, Emthelo's MD


Support on outsourcing or third party contracts

Emthelo helps medium size companies to reduce their costs and increase the efficiency of their supply chain. Emthelo can provide you with support on any type of outsourcing or third party contract. We have the expertise to assist your team with every step of the outsourcing process and with developing and maintaining vendor relationships across Europe. Our expertise covers in-house, inshore and offshore outsourcing, from selection to management, including assessment and audit.

  • Outsourcing assessment
  • Outsourcing procurement
  • Outsourcing Management
  • Crisis management


Our team have both industry and outsourcing experience and have a minimum of 10 years professional experience.

Emthelo only employs experts

Emthelo was established in 2006 and is a successful small company relying on a very small team of experts to better
serve our clients.

Our small size and unique focus on the management of outsourcing allow us to enhance your overall supply chain. Our sole objective is to put you in a better position to tackle the competitive challenges of your market.

Managing Director, Olivier Durand, has 17 years experience in procurement and supply chain management for blue chip companies and top tier consultancy firms across Europe.

“The supplier was lost faced with the complex needs of their client. We reassessed their contacts and developed a new communication strategy within the client, allowing them to increase their TO by 30%”

- Kevin, Marketing Expert

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